The Wildlife Project was founded in 1990 by Jeff Alvarez. We are a small company, which specializes in NEPA/CEQA environmental compliance, and technical field surveys. Specifically, we assist our Jeffclients with mitigation development and monitoring, special-status species surveys and habitat evaluations, biological assessments, survey and monitoring technique development, and biological consultation. We also conduct research related to special-status species natural history and monitoring development.

The Wildlife Project has expertise in a variety of areas. We also have successfully teamed with many excellent biologists and large consulting firms over the years. Our success comes from expert knowledge; great working relationships; respect from out clients and regulatory agencies; and excellent skills in the field.

We have worked throughout California and Nevada, and over portions of Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Belize, Central America. The Wildlife Project is known for its high level of skill working with rare and endangered species in northern California.

The Wildlife Project is certified as a minority owned and small business enterprise by a variety of Federal, State and local agencies. These certifications may provide contracting benefits to our clients and project partners.